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06/13/2014 - Summer! Warm Weather, Sun and STORMS. Is YOUR Network Protected?

Ahhhh, Summer! Warm Weather, Sun…………and STORMS. Is YOUR Network Protected?

While we all look forward to summer fun, warm weather brings storms that can wreak havoc on your network devices if you are not properly protected. Along with storms, come power outages and surges. Power surges also arise from high electric consumption during these months, such as air conditioning usage, pool filters, etc. If you don’t have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you are exposing your infrastructure to power surges and outages that can seriously damage your hardware.

A simple and inexpensive UPS will stabilize the power levels to your network in the event of fluctuations. Should you experience a total power outage, a Smart-UPS will automatically and safely power down your server, even during nights or weekends when your business is closed, preventing hardware damage and data loss which will reduce downtime and loss of productivity when power is restored.

Don’t let an unexpected power event be the Bummer of Your Summer! Ask your MBM Technology Solution Specialist how to properly protect your valuable infrastructure.



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